Sunday, 22 May 2016

A Week in Jacksonville

Although this week didn't go as planned, a week in Jacksonville was very rewarding. My favorite parts of the trip were visiting the different beaches and going out on the Genetic Drift. Being raised in Florida I naturally spent a lot of time at the beach down the street from my house. I never knew how many differences there were when it came to beaches. Sand, vegetation and rocks were different along the Atlantic coast and they were only a few miles from each other. I loved learning about how the coquina rocks were formed and how the weather and sea affect the vegetation in the area.

Going out on the Genetic Drift boat was amazing. It was interesting learning about the different habitats along the Atlantic and St. Johns river. We observed the anthropogenic affects on the coastal environments nearby. We took water samples at 4 different locations along the river.

Overall this week was very informative and I'm very excited for the next few weeks.

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