Sunday, 29 May 2016

French Angelfish

The French Angelfish inhabits the areas of the Western Atlantic Ocean and is usually found in depths of less than 50 ft. The juveniles are small and black and have four yellow bars. As they develop into their sub-adult stage, they will lose their yellow bars and begin to adopt the adult coloration which includes the outlined yellow scales, light face, and yellow banded eye.

The French Angelfish has a spine located near the preopercle bone that is serrated during the juvenile stage, and flat during the adult stage. The juveniles serve as "cleaning fish" by consuming the ectoparasites on larger organisms such as fish and stingrays. The adult French Angelfish feeds mostly on sponges, tunicates, corals, and algae. In large barrel sponges you may find a v-shape bite that was left from the French Angelfish.

Angelfish are popular among divers and snorkelers because they are perfect models that show no fear towards them. They are often curious and will swim up to inspect their photographer.

The only apparent threat for the French Angelfish is for aquarium trade because it is a hardy fish and has a high tolerance for fluctuations in aquarium conditions. However, this does not seem to impact the global population of the French Angelfish.

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