Monday, 16 May 2016

Intro at UWF

Introduction week at UWF was a lot of fun and included learning new things, meeting new friends, trusting and connecting with our group, and excitement for the next 5 weeks to come! Our first day involved a swim and snorkel test, which turned out to be quite a workout, but a good refresher as the swim instructor told us about different snorkel signals and skills for when we continue on to the Keys. Following that, we had some interesting lectures on Florida panhandle watersheds and physical oceanography. The second day involved a team building challenge course in the woods that was really successful. We had to do different exercise courses that would help bring us all together to work as a team and trust each other. After, we learned about chemical oceanography, biodiversity, and taxonomy. On the third day, we had lectures all day that included an amazing lecture about coastal sharks of the northern GoM. We also had a lecture about habitats & processes and experimental design & analysis. We got to start brainstorming what an effective experimental design would be to measure the seagrass when we come back for the last week at UWF. This was only three days and I have already learned so much and have realized how much is out there for me. Thanks to everyone at UWF and see you again soon!

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