Saturday, 14 May 2016

Intro Week at UWF

One week down, four more to go! Since we'll be spending the next month and a half doing complex field work as a team, the purpose of this first introductory week was to help us function as a team and review our knowledge on the myriad oceanographic skills we'll be using the next few weeks. While we spent most of our time in class listening to guest lecturers, most of which were faculty at UWF, speak on their current projects and review on topics ranging from physical oceanography to coral reef ecology, we also got a chance to stretch our legs during the rather intense swim test and outdoor team building exercises. For the swim test we were in the water for about an hour and a half practicing our snorkeling and free swimming skills. At one point we had to float for ten minutes, which was probably a lot easier for anyone who had a higher BMI than I. But, despite being frozen to the bone and coming down with a cold afterword, I can honestly say it was the only swim test I've ever enjoyed and learned something from. I can't wait to get started at UNF!

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