Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Team Building and Snorkel Practice

Our three day beginner week started at UWF. On the first day we went to the indoor pool on campus and practiced our amazing snorkeling skills. I think all of us were still unfamiliar with each other at this point so it was the beginning of starting to get to know each other and learning about each other’s different personalities. Everyone did really well, and for swimming 5 laps, treading water for 10 minutes, and going through the basic signals of snorkeling, I am happy to say everyone seemed to enjoy it and as well as remind ourselves what we are really capable of when we are in the water. Later that day we conversed into a very intellectual lecture about watersheds and the basics of oceanography.
               On Thursday, we began the day with some team building exercises in the woods. I can already assume that the majority of us were thinking it was going to be silly and the activities were going to be for kids in the younger age range, but honestly it was a very interesting and dare I say fun experience. We all began to trust each other with each new exercise that we performed and by the end, I think we all gained some awesome relationships with one another. Later that day followed another lecture about Biochemistry and Taxonomy in marine species. I loved this lecture because it was great reminder of everything I had been missing while out of school for the past year.
               Our last day consisted of lectures until 330pm, concerning sharks and their differences, as well as statistics in graphing biological data which will help us on our trips to come. These past 3 days were short but also very important in my opinion. During this time, all twelve of us were able to get to know one another, as well as prepare ourselves for the trips to come. It’s been a wonderful experience getting to meet everyone and I’m looking forward to the next 5 weeks with ya’ll!

Watch out UNF, here we come!


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