Saturday, 14 May 2016

Thoughts on Intro Week UNF!

Well this week certainly went fast! This intro week was definitely a great way to start off the course. Between kayaking and collecting Spartina plugs at the GTMNER reserve, surviving rigorous swim tests, buying last minute gear from Dicks Sporting Goods and learning about salt marsh ecosystems, I was very lucky that I also had time to meet all the amazing people in my cohort! One thing that I expected, but wasn't necessarily prepared for, was how physically challenging this course is going to be. If the swim test was any indication of the future, then I most definitely have a physical challenge ahead of me as well as a mental one. I'm especially nervous and excited for this next week spent in the Keys in particular. I haven't been to the Keys since I was 12 and I have never been snorkeling outside of shallow bays and swimming pools... so it's definitely going to be a challenge! I can't wait to see the beautiful coral reefs off of Long Key, though, and all of the organisms that live within them. Until next time, I hope everyone has safe travels!
~Melissa B.

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