Monday, 16 May 2016

UNF Intro, trip to the GTMNERR

This introduction week at UNF was about getting to know each other as a team and learning a bit about salt marsh communities and the importance of wetlands in general. The picture above is an example of such environment. We encountered a variety of plants located in the wetland area that included a grass called Spartina alterniflora.

Photo by Corey Corrick

Photo by Corey Corrick
 We harvested Spartina plugs within 19% of the quadrants used, this was due to ordinances that restricted the amount harvested of this species of marsh grass due to its importance to the environment and their goal of extending the reach of living shorelines.

After the harvesting process, we flew a drone to take pictures of the salt marsh that were unreachable and then we proceeded to take water quality data and environmental information for the day. After a quick lunch break, we then kayaked the Guano River to view the salt marsh habitat from the side of the water, overall we had a great time becoming "citizen scientists" for the day!

Now, we are off the Keys Marine Laboratory!!!

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