Monday, 16 May 2016

UNF Intro Week

We hit the ground running this first week. On day 1 we got to prove our snorkeling skills with a swimming test and bonded over the challenges of reviewing the manuscript. Day 2 was spent in the GTMNERR. We were able to be part of three different projects going on at the reserve. The first was harvesting Spartina alterniflora, or smooth cord grass, in order to use the rhizomes for growing new grass. My group of girls faced the mud and got a free spa treatment in the process. The second was using a drone to take pictures of quadrants in the marsh to monitor the progression of the vegetation. My partner and I combined our flying and navigational skills to get a good picture of a quadrant, which we could not see from the ground. Last, we split into teams in order to take data on water quality. The day was finished by a kayaking tour around the estuary. The tour was really interesting because we got to compile everything we learned throughout the day and see it at work. My kayaking buddy and I made a good team and managed to not end up in the water. We finished the week with day 3, where we reviewed what we learned throughout the week and got to take an exclusive tour of the UNF biology building. Overall it was a great week and I am excited to see what the rest of the trip will bring!

harvesting Spartina plugs
courtesy Corey Corrick

flying  the drone
courtesy Corey Corrick

kayaking buddies
courtesy Corey Corrick

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