Monday, 16 May 2016

UWF intro week

Hey everyone,
So intro week went by fast!  Some of us were already friends before coming on this trip but we've all become pretty close, especially after surviving our "first" team building challenge of grocery shopping together.  From that point on everything went pretty smoothly.  Passed the swim and snorkel check on Wednesday morning and then Thursday morning was are actual team building day.  As a group we successfully completed the ropes course in the woods and walked away with only a couple bruises.  But overall I'd say intro week was a success and really prepared us for what has yet to come, including a 24 hour sampling study tomorrow.  But we have the best GA and a solid group of people so I'm ready for tomorrow and the rest of this week and then onto the next sites! Looking forward for everything else were going to be doing throughout this trip.  Oh and sorry for the lack of pictures we were having to much fun but more will come next time!
That's all for now, Goodnight!

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