Sunday, 15 May 2016

UWF Introductory Week

Good Evening Everyone,
While at UWF, we were introduced to some amazing staff to include Dr. Eble (i.e., lead instructor) and Reena (i.e., graduate teaching assistant), who is wonderful because she never let us begin the day without copious amounts of coffee. So after some brief introductions over pizza, we spent the next day doing a challenging, yet fun swim and snorkel test, followed by a some great lectures on Watershed Ecology (i.e., super interesting) and Physical Oceanography which was great review. Next, we bonded as we trusted our peers to steer us in a parking lot blindfolded and then we had a great time completing a plethora of rigorous obstacles that required us to work in a tight knit team. Then we enjoyed a great lecture on Chemical Oceanography which was great review of General Chemistry, gave a unique and in depth explanation of ocean acidification, and the instructor, Dr. Schwartz has been a passenger in Alvin (i.e., which is a dream of mine). Later that afternoon, we had a blast learning the basic taxonomy and life histories of all the species that we may encounter during this course. Next, we had a great lecture on local sharks, their life histories, as well as some super cool facts led by Dr. Daly-Engel, she is entertaining and afterward we got to speak with one of her graduate students regarding lifestyle, gaining research experience, building your CV, and targeting researchers whose work interests you. Finally, we had a brief overview on Experimental Design as well as a brief Statistics Review which we got to figure out the occurrence of wild-type blue Tribbles (i.e., for those of you who are Star Trek, the Original Series fans). Overall, this first few days served as a great bonding period with our peers that we will be spending the next several weeks with and really drove home the idea that in order to succeed, you must work as a team.
Beautiful Campus!!!

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