Sunday, 15 May 2016

UNF Intro Week

This week flew by but managed to also feel like way longer than just a few days. Already everyone is getting to know one another very well; as if we've been friends for a while. I think this is because we all share a similar passion and drive (and it doesn't hurt that we are all together basically all the time). Wednesday we started things off with introductions and pool tests. I'll be honest, I froze during the swimming tests. I was shivering so bad even Dr. Smith make a comment about it. I actually decided to pick up my wetsuit from home to have just in case. Thursday we went to GTMNERR where we aided the process of making a living shoreline, flew a drone, and kayaked. The idea behind the living shoreline is to take some Spartina alteriflora from a healthy habitat and use it to build a natural seawall. With the drones, we were flying them and taking pictures of certain plots (that were marked off). Over time, these pictures will be used to determine if the plant life is able to migrate with the rising sea levels. The kayaking trip (Amanda was my paddling buddy) provided a relaxing and very enjoyable trip out on the water were we learned about the effects of salt on the surrounding trees. It actually causes the whole tree line to form a dome, which I think is pretty amazing. On Friday, we wrapped up the intro week, had a discussion on an article, and worked with last year's GTMNERR data. On Saturday to Sunday, Amanda, Ashley and I slowly made our way down to the Keys. We even managed to eat lunch Sunday at Rainforest Cafe, which was expensive but a lot of fun. Tonight I got to watch the sun set in the Keys as I snorkeled in the ocean. I'd say a great way to end the week.


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