Monday, 30 May 2016

Vestor Field Station: Week Two

Hey y'all so week two is done and it was a blast! We had a great barbecue on Sunday night Dr. Douglas and everyone at Vestor gave to us. Our first day out in the field we went coring and I didn't know if I would like it. But surprisingly I really did it was amazing to see all the different layers of the oyster reef. I have never thought about what was below the surface before, but after seeing that I think it would be interesting to see the layers in other areas too. The second day we went with Cheryl Clark and  emptied out bags containing oysters to help build the reef system of oysters. It was rough at first trying to get the bags out of the sediment. Once they became free though it was something seeing all the marine life that was living in the bags too. And then we studied phytoplankton with Dr. Parsons, seeing the organisms under the microscope that we got from each site was crazy. I never thought we would see that much diversity and in so many areas. We also found a baby seahorse in one of my groups dishes. The day that interested me the most was going  to do sea grass transects with Dr. Douglass. I learned all about how sea grass might have been in a certain area at one time but years later it could be almost wiped out. Also I learned how important sea grass is and how everything truly depends on it. How awesome!!!! Well can't wait to tell you all about the adventures coming in the next few weeks till next time :)

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