Sunday, 19 June 2016

All GREAT things must come to an end

I have been looking forward to this course for two years; ever since I was looking at universities to transfer to and saw that UNF  offered this course. I can say that my expectations were exceeded by a long shot. Not only did I gain valuable knowledge about the coastal ecosystems of Florida and human impacts, but I gained a sense of direction to further my career. I also gained some pretty incredible friends along the way.


                    Along the way we have sampled Spartina plugs with UNF at the GTMNERR, 

                               swam along the reefs in the Keys while at KML with FAU,


                                              cored, cleaned and sampled in Estero Bay with FGCU,   

sampled the open ocean in the Gulf of Mexico on the R/V Weatherbird II at USFSP, 

           traced water flow from the uplands to the ocean and surveyed the beach at UWF, 

and finally conducted a 24 hour survey and observed the effects of beach development at UNF. 

After completing this course I have absolutely no doubt that I have chosen the right path and cannot wait to use the skills I have acquired from this class! I have learned so much more from the past five weeks about the marine environment than I could ever have hoped to sitting in a class room.  Thank you to all the professors, guest speakers and crew that made this incredible journey possible. A big thank you to FIO for collaborating with all the universities involved to create a one of a kind experience. 

Thanks to The Crab Man Corey for being such a wonderful photographer, grocery shopper, and mentor!
All photos: Corey Corrick

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