Sunday, 12 June 2016

Deep Sea Adventures

This week we had an amazing time at USFSP. To start off the week, we went to visit the aquarium in Tampa to get a feel for what its like to observe animal behaviors. The most exciting part of the week was spending 13 hours on the Weatherbird II, and seeing what all amazing creatures were hiding in the Gulf of Mexico. Getting to use of the equipment on the ship was a really neat experience, especially since a lot of it was new to me. Even some of the creatures that we caught in huge numbers  were things I haven't hear of. For example, we caught 100+ Iridescent Swimming crabs through out the night, and I hadn't even heard of them until then. Its so much fun trying to ID a species, its like a science surprise. The saddest part is learning to live with that not everything lives through the ID'ing process, and some were kept for future research. I definitely could have spent an entire week out there catching and observing what the Gulf has to offer. I can't to do that again someone, hopefully soon!

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