Monday, 6 June 2016

The one with no pillows

This week started with a very important holiday, Memorial Day. A few of us headed to the beach and found nine-armed sea stars, so of course we took tons of pictures.  On Tuesday we learned about the Estero Bay Aquatic Preserve and took out all the failed oyster bags. On Wednesday we learned about geology and we were actually able to core a mangrove. It was pretty cool to climb all over mangroves and observe different regression and transgression trends. It was also awesome to learn about the Calusa from Dr. Savarese and even find old tools they used. Thursday was dedicated to collecting and observing all types of plankton from different sites with Dr. Parsons. I definitely enjoyed seeing all the little guys moving around under a microscope. Finally on Friday we took Seagrass data. This task hit me hard because we were observing areas that claimed to be full of grasses but actually weren't. It definitely put restoration on my priorities list. However, it was pretty cool to find all types of Echinoderms living in these beds. This week was definitely one to remember because I was able to meet so many great professors and understand more about their fields. Thank you Florida Gulf Coast for a beautiful week here in Bonita Springs!

*Pictures not available this week due to computer issues*

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