Sunday, 12 June 2016

Open Ocean Adventures at USFSP

So this past week at USFSP was absolutely amazing and I may be a little bias since its my home campus but still.  Even tropical storm Colin couldn't ruin our week! But before venturing out to the open ocean on the Weatherbird II we got some background on what really goes on out there and how technology has evolved to explore the deep blue.  After two days of build up Wednesday morning we boarded the Weatherbird II and set out for the first station that was about 4 wish hours away. We got rained on a little bit in the morning but most of the ride out was beautiful, blue skies, blue waters and no land in site.  

So out on the boat we pulled in so many different creatures and I never realized how hard it was to ID a species.  Especially when we had to identify shells...there were so many shells that looked almost identical but you had to find the one feature that separated them. But for me it was super helpful because the best way to learn is to do it yourself. So we sat with piles of shells and a couple books and had to figure it out.  The ID process was kind of stressful with so many people around one table but we got a system going and made it work, so the second station went a lot smoother. The weatherbird cruise was definitely the highlight of my week but the guest lectures were pretty interesting too, my favorite was the sea turtles but the cephalopods were a close second.

Only one week left, but still so much to learn. Back up to UWF where this whole thing started!

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