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This week, we were hosted by Dr. Heather Judkins of USFSP who took us out for a 13-hour long research cruise on the R/V Weatherbird II. We were split into groups to be able to tackle multiple types of sampling methods including a CTD (below, left), a neuston net (below, right), a bongo net, an otter trawl and a dredge.

Credit: Corey Corrick

Credit: Corey Corrick

The most challenging part of the cruise was, without a doubt, IDing EVERY. SINGLE. ORGANISM...from a field guide.

However, the most exciting part was finding the scientific name of your specimen and having Dr. Judkins say she would agree with you. You just felt so accomplished.

I think the most interesting part of the trip was just seeing all these different species of organisms that exist out there. The ocean is such a magical and mysterious place filled with the smallest of microscopic plankton to the largest of whales. It's absolutely mesmerizing seeing, first hand, all the diversity of the big blue.

Credit: Kris Clark

Thanks to Dr. Judkins and her research assistant, Kris and to
Justin, the turtle guy!

Thanks to all the crew on the R/V Weatherbird II for showing us a great time! Hope to be seeing you guys again soon!
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