Sunday, 5 June 2016


Hey y'all this week went by so fast I can't believe its already over. This had to be one of my favorite weeks. On Tuesday we had a lecture day and went over all the information we would need for the weather bird cruise on Wednesday. Now the best day of the week was Wednesday, well for one we weren't waking up at 7am for class at 8am so that was a nice change. Then we got ready to go on the weather bird for our 14 hour shift. What I found interesting on the Weather Bird is all the different types of experiments you can conduct on them, not just the same tests we had. For some reason I never thought about all the other experiments that could be fun on it, it makes me want to see the other ones that conducted. I was most excited to work on the Weather Bird because that was the type of research I had always wanted to do prior to my son and I was actually getting to live out that part of my dream. I realized that is the type of work I want to do, living on the boat for weeks on end conducting research. The part I especially liked was the otter trawl and dredge being able to see all the organisms that come from it and identifying them. A challenging part of the week was understanding the past years of data for the analysis of each of our questions. It was difficult because some of the information did not make sense, organisms were misidentified, parts of data were left out or the most important part (name) was left out. But once all that information was found it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be analyzing it. Well were off to Pensacola now, can't wait to tell you what happens there. See y'all next time!

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