Sunday, 19 June 2016

The next chapter

It all came to a close just as soon as it began! I can hardly believe it! This past week was a blast and it was also the most challenging because we spent most of our time inland, which is very different from anything that we've experienced thus far. This past week also helped me to realize how much we all learned on this trip! It was apparent that at every stop we made, we were all bringing all of our knowledge together to make inferences and to identify different organisms. It was really fantastic to see how we could use our newly acquired knowledge of the marine environment and apply it to our observations on the watershed in Pensacola. I look forward to doing the same many more times, though I will miss doing it with those whom I have had the pleasure to spend the past five and a half weeks with. I will greatly miss all of those whom I have gotten to work with and would like to thank everyone who took on our group to show us what they had to offer!

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