Monday, 20 June 2016

The Final Days and the Inevitable Farewell!

University of North Florida

Week 5: The END

The last week of this short summer course included going back to where we spent our introduction week at, in Jacksonville with UNF. Our cohort studied the water quality of the famous St. Johns River on Monday with Dr. Kelly Smith and saw examples of how shoreline hardening of the river edges are affecting the wildlife and natural flow of the waterway. The next event included a 24-hour study done at the GTMNERR, where we seined every 3 hours and collected water quality parameters every hour. We interpreted the data and studied the difference of habitats within the Guana River and Guana Lake. We then traveled to St. Augustine Inlet and Matanzas Inlet to compare natural and man-made inlets. This week has been a bit exhausting but it is sad to see it end!

I really enjoyed learning about the different kinds of habitats and environments that surround Florida waters, from coast to coast!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this adventurous FIO course, my stay at the Keys Marine Lab was my favorite of all the weeks so I am bias to that week :)

My cohort was amazing and I thank all the speakers and professors that made these past weeks so fun within the immersive learning experience!

FIO Field Studies in Marine Science,
I will miss you!

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