Monday, 20 June 2016

Our course may have came to end...

But our real journey has just begun!
I have learned so much more than I ever expected I would from this trip. I have met so many amazing fellow students and instructors from all over Florida. This was an experience full of many experiences. I didn't have any field or hands on opportunities before this trip, but now I have tons! I know this trip was the right thing to do to better my future and to push me in the right direction. Our journey around Florida may be over according to this trip, but my real journey has just begun. I may not know exactly what I want to do still, but I got the experience and knowledge of many aspects of marine science that I didn't know of before.

Thanks Reena for everything!
Swimming with a Green Sea Turtle in the Keys!
I would like to give a giant THANK YOU to all who helped make this course as amazing as it was - the instructors, guests speakers, universities, students, and our grad assistant Reena, who traveled with our group and helped us throughout the trip. There may have been some Wifi problems and some communication issues, but working with two groups of students and so many universities, I would be surprised if there wasn't any small issues, but everything always worked out for the best. We had a great group who had gotten so close during the 5 and half weeks. I will miss my new friends but I will see them again! Meeting so many instructors from all over gives me so many opportunities for the future. I would never of met them if it wasn't for this course. It was nice getting to ask them questions and advise relating to my future. Also, working with and talking to all the grad students and getting their input and their background was really informative. 
Awesome Humans!
Some of the group went to Key West!

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