Sunday, 19 June 2016

It all had to come to an end.....

Hey y'all well its all over now. We just spent our last week at UNF giving it our all. This week we got to see what it was like doing a 24 hour study through extreme heat, possibly storm, bug bites and sleep loss. Even though those things made the study rough at times it was still one of the best things I did during the trip. Partly because of learning and see new things and because my group was awesome; I couldn't have done it without them!! Also during the week we got to see how the water quality changes from Mayport Marina to further up the St. John's River. Honestly I never thought about the water quality and how to changes from one area down stream to upstream. Another topic I learned about was the morphology of the dunes and how they are created. Going to the beaches on Friday even though it was hotter than expected it was still pretty amazing to see natural versus man-made inlets. Apart from that being able to come home with shark teeth to show my son also was being awesome he loved them!!! This course has been the most amazing thing I have ever been apart of. I wouldn't have changed the experiences or the people I was able to make through it. The things I got to experience are things I never would have outside of this course. The professors were the best helping and supporting us along the way when we needed more guidance or questions about future endeavors. Thank you to UNF, KML, USFSP and UWF for providing us these experiences and opening your doors to us. I will forever be grateful to the professors and everyone involved for teaching me the things I now know. Also for helping me realizing the path that I want to take my career in. And lastly thank you to Corey Corrick are friend, supporter, grocery man and overall great person who put up with our moods, jokes and craziness during the last five weeks. I don't think we would have been able to get through it without you there by our side! To all the people doing this course in the future it will be the best choice you have ever made. You'll meet friends you'll have for a lifetime and experience things you never thought you would.

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