Saturday, 11 June 2016

University of West Florida

     The week on the west coast of Florida was one to remember! Countless hours in the sun and in the field really wore me out. Starting from the top on Monday, I found myself in the upland forests of the area learning about forestry and rivers. After hiking through the woods all day, I was ready for a more ground level state. That is when we ended up on the beach. By using a special radon detector, we were able to track groundwater states and runoff. It was the first time I ever used something like that and it was my favorite day of the week. Later on the week, we learned how to survey. It was cool to be the people on the side of the road looking through a tripod for a change. One of the most memorable times though would definitely be touring the EPA station. I have never been in a federal lab before, so it was very enlightening. Overall, a week filled with new methods and new knowledge to move me forward.

Photo credits (top/bottom): Corey Corrick 

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