Monday, 20 June 2016

The Final Week at UWF

Our five and a half week course came to an end at UWF. This week was very different from the other sites because we did not do much with marine ecosystems. Most of our days consisted of the topography of the landscape of the panhandle. I found that the most interesting day was when we conducted beach surveys. We watched the speed of the tide, the angle at which the waves hit the beach, and measured the height of the dunes.

The last day of the trip, our group went on a 45 minute hike to a lake where we collected water samples and measured the depth of the lake in certain areas. I originally thought that the hike would be tiresome but it was interesting to see the multitude of plant life while on the trail. This week was a great way to end the course since it encompassed all the techniques we learned throughout our travels. Thank you all for a wonderful experience!

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