Thursday, 16 June 2016


 And the time comes for the last blog post EVER!

This course has been an amazing experience allowing me to learn more about all of the techniques and equipment that can be used in so many different ecosystems, not only throughout the state of Florida but throughout the world. From snorkeling in the Keys, coring oyster reefs, spending 14 hours on the Weatherbird II, examining the dynamics of seagrass beds, and finally wrapping up with a 24 hour study at the GTMNERR I know I'm ready for what is to come in my future, including sleep :). Throughout this entire trip it was awesome to be able to get to experience so many different things in such a short period of time. All that I have learned throughout these six weeks will for certain stay with me for a long time.

Although the scientific aspect of this course was what I signed up for, meeting people along the way was incredible. The teachers, scientists, and park rangers that led us each day were so knowledgable and you could tell that they were doing what they loved while enlightening us all on what they knew. But even better were the new friends we all made throughout this time. Some of us have common career goals, and who knows maybe we will end up working together some day, while others are headed in a different direction and perhaps one day we will cross paths. There have been so many times we have laughed so hard I cried, burned so bad even aloe didn't help, and countless times where we were so tired we all passed out on the way back to campus. No matter what these six weeks will always be remembered as a lifetime experience that I'm glad I didn't miss out on. So thank you to everyone that made it possible.

When Corey finds crabs to play
My Rachel <3
Beach Band Night

Just a bunch of Wahoos

And this is why everyone was afraid to fall
asleep first :) 
Shout out to Sydney to making little road
trips out of our drives from school to school              

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